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Vaginal Candidiasis: Symptoms and Treatment


Vaginal candidiasis is also called a vaginal yeast infection.

It affects up to 3 out of 4 women at some point in their life. [1]

1. Caused because of overgrowth of bacteria and a weak immune system.
2. Lab testing of vaginal discharge might be required.

In Vaginal Candidiasis, the yeast cells multiply leading to intense itching, swelling and irritation. This is not a sexually transmitted infection. A kind of yeast called Candida albicans is the reason behind this yeast infection. Factors that cause yeast infection include antibiotics, pregnancy, uncontrolled diabetes, poor eating habit, stress, lack of sleep and a weak immune system.


1. Swelling around the vagina
2. Vaginal itching
3. Burning sensation during urination
4. Pain or burn during sex
5. Whitish grey and clumpy vaginal discharge


Self-Care: Home remedies like coconut oil, tea tree oil, boric acid, and orally taking plain yoghurt may be helpful.

Azole Therapy: Doctor might prescribe boric acid capsule to be inserted into your vagina. It is generally given to treat candida fungus only.

Medications: Your doctor might prescribe antifungal cream, ointments, tablet or suppository over the counter medicines.

Specialists: Consult a doctor if the symptoms are evident and the condition worsens. At mfine, we provide accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plans for all health concerns under a team of qualified doctors.

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