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USG scan: What it is and when it is used?

What is USG scan?

USG scan stands for Ultrasound Sonography Test, which is commonly known as Ultrasound Scanning or Ultrasound Imaging. USG Scan is a medical examination procedure to check the internal body structure through the high-frequency sound waves.

USG scan is a completely painless and harmless process that use sound waves to create an image of the structures and organs inside the body. It is done through a special device called transducer or probe. [1]

Scanning can be done through three ways viz. [2]

- Internal Ultrasound scan- where the transducer is inserted into the body
- External Ultrasound scan- Probe is moved over the skin
- Endoscopic Scan- Probe attached to a long pipe is passed through the body

When is USG Scan recommended?

USG Scan is recommended when there are problems related to-

-Obstetrics (pregnancy)
-Endocrine glands
-Thyroids, eyes, testicles

It is recommended to guide biopsy, needle aspiration, fluid aspiration etc.

Preparing for USG scan [4]

The following preparation may be required for the USG Scan in order to improve the quality of pictures produced-

-The patient may be asked to wear loose clothes or a gown.
-The patient may be asked to drink plenty of water and to go toilet before scanning
-Prior to the scan, the patient may be asked to avoid food or drinking for few hours

Understanding the Scan Results:

In cases of pregnancy, sonographer discusses the image results directly with the patient during scanning. In other cases, the scanning report is prepared by the sonographer and is sent to the doctor/physician who interprets and discusses the result with the patient. [5]

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