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Contraceptive pills and their side effects


An emergency postcoital pill used by women to prevent pregnancy.

If Levonorgestrel, a common contraceptive compound is taken as directed, it can reduce the chance of pregnancy by close to 90%.[1]

- A backup emergency pill not recommended for regular use
- Should be consumed as directed, generally within 72 hours to 120 hours after sex
- Does not offer protection against sexually transmitted infections
- This pill is not 100% effective

An emergency contraceptive pill is used by women to prevent pregnancy after sex. This may be due to unprotected sex, if their traditional method failed or in the case of rape. Emergency contraceptive pills typically delay ovulation or stop fertilization to prevent pregnancy.

Symptoms or side effects

Self-diagnosable: Bouts of dizziness and fatigue are common concerns.
Nausea and/ or vomiting
Cramps in the abdominal region
Change in menstrual cycle
Spotting between cycles or heavy menstrual flow


Taking the pill: Follow the instructions given and take the pill as directed within the recommended hours after sex.
Self-care: Lie down and relax if nausea and vomiting symptoms are acting up. Activity can worsen the symptoms.
Medicines: OTC medicines for headaches and nausea may be taken as prescribed.
Specialists: An OB-GYN can help you with any queries or concerns. At Mfine, you will receive specialist solutions in a holistic manner for improved health and wellness.

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