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Severe Oligohydramnios: All You Need To Know


An abnormal condition that leads to lack of amniotic fluid during pregnancy.

Journal of clinical neurology states that Oligohydramnios occurs in 1 in 1400 births. [1]

1. Requires ultrasound to check oligohydramnios.
2. The foetus may develop abnormalities because of this.
3. Having high blood pressure or diabetes may result in oligohydramnios.
4. Commonly affects male babies.

Lack of amniotic fluid in babies leads to Oligohydramnios. A woman’s risk of developing Oligohydramnios sequence during pregnancy increases with a family history of certain renal diseases. Severe oligohydramnios can also cause miscarriage. In other cases, the fetus may be stillborn or may die shortly after birth.


1. Facial abnormalities like a broad nasal bridge, widely spaced eyes, and low set ears.
2. If caused by fetal kidney failure, urine output after birth is low or absent.
3. May interfere with normal lung development.


Amnioinfusion: Sometimes, doctors may infuse amniotic fluid into the womb that may not contain the hormones and antibodies that a mother’s amniotic fluid contains, but it cushions the baby and gives time to develop.

Specialists: Consult a doctor if the symptoms are evident and the condition worsens. At mfine, we provide accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plans for all health concerns under a team of qualified doctors.

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