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Inflammation of Vaginal Mucosa: What Do You Need to Know


May be infectious or noninfectious, caused due to inflammation of vaginal mucosa

Occurs among 20% of women worldwide (1)

- Needs diagnosis if persisting for longer periods of time
- May need medication for relief and cure
- Mostly seen among women in reproductive age
- Can develop into vulvar cancer in rare cases

Mild to severe itching that may be a cause for concern if persistent. Irritants such as soap, douches, and scented toilet papers may also be a reason. Bacteria and yeast infection, skin diseases along with sexually transmitted diseases are among the common causes.

Ages affected - women of reproductive age group are often affected, and those in the period before menopause from 45 to 55 years


If vaginal itching is severe or if pruritus persists for more than a week, contact your healthcare provider. Symptoms of ulcers or blisters in vulva, pain, genital swelling, trouble in urinating, and unusual discharge are some of the symptoms to be taken seriously.

People may experience
Pain areas - pain while urinating
Blisters - ulcers and blisters near vulva
Swelling - swollen genital parts
Discharge - green or yellow foul-smelling discharge


Self-care: Clean the genital areas properly. Female hygiene sprays should be avoided. Use hypoallergenic soap. To reduce soreness, use ice packs or warm packs.

Medications: Any of the symptoms if severe or persistent, consult doctor immediately. Antifungal medications, creams, and pills may be recommended as necessary.

Specialists: Based on the severity and persistence of symptoms for a longer period, consult the healthcare provider. At mfine, we shall assist you and give you complete health information and treatment.

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