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8 weeks pregnant and bleeding: All you can do


Bleeding in first-time mothers at 8 weeks gestation period

The risk of a threatened miscarriage reduces significantly after the first 8 weeks [1].

- Most of the miscarriages or threatened miscarriages occur between weeks 6 to 8.
- It requires a proper medical diagnosis
- Lab tests and imaging might be required
- It can be treated by a medical practitioner
- It can be treated by a medical practitioner

Implantation bleeding, infections, cervical changes, miscarriage, Ectopic pregnancy, or a molar pregnancy might be the underlying reasons for the bleeding at 8 weeks
If there is heavy bleeding and there are clots in the blood, with severe abdominal cramps and backaches, it is crucial to meet a doctor immediately.


People can experience:
- Light spotting
- Heavy bleeding
- Slight cramping
- Abdominal pain


Self Care: If you are bleeding during the pregnancy, it is best to avoid using tampons and stick to pads only.

Medications: Your doctor might prescribe medications to help subdue the bleeding and any accompanied pain with it.

Specialists: A doctor must be consulted if the bleeding is heavy and is accompanied by pain. mfine caters to different areas of health issues and the perfect course of treatment can be chosen according to your requirements.

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