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Details about 13 Weeks of Pregnancy


The start of the second trimester of pregnancy.

At this time, the baby is almost 3 inches long.[1]
- Ultrasound is required
- Diagnosed medically
- Medium- term of 6 more months

The end of 12 weeks signifies the end of the first trimester and 13 weeks onwards, the hormone levels start settling. The belly starts to expand a bit more and the placenta starts playing an active role in the baby’s development.


Medically diagnosed: An ultrasound can help reveal the health of the baby
Belly pain: Due to expansion, known as ligament pains
Gastrointestinal concerns: constipation, heartburn, bloating
Cramps: In the legs
Sore breasts: With yellowish discharge
Swollen gums: Painful

Care tips/ Treatment

Self-care: Follow a healthy and nutritious diet loaded with vitamins and minerals. Raw meats and fish, caffeine, alcohol should be avoided. Physical activity and gentle exercises, such as walking and yoga, as advised by the doctor should be done regularly to maintain good health.

Avoid infections: Stay clear of people that are contagious, and always inform your doctor before traveling for suitable vaccines.

Specialists: In case you have any other concerns, or witness any abnormal symptoms, consult your OB-GYN or doctor at the earliest. At Mfine, our team of specialists will design a specialized treatment plan for you and your baby.

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