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Premature Rupture of Membrane: A Detailed Summary


A childbirth problem that ruptures the membranes before the onset of labour.

Only 1 in 10 pregnant women develop this condition. (1)

- Self-Diagnosable
- Treatable
- Known as Preterm PROM if the same happens before 37 weeks

The causes for the problem are smoking, high blood pressure, and future delivery of twins.


Diagnosis: Through Sterile Speculum Discharge test. Other tests like Ultrasound-guided amniocentesis and evaluation of vaginal fluids are also used.

Leaking of Amniotic fluid

Foul vaginal discharge, abdominal pain


Self-care: Because this occurs at a very short notice, there are very less self-care methods that can be used. However, complete bed and pelvic rest should be provided if the gestation period of an individual is less than 34 weeks.

Medicines: Antibiotics are used to increase the latency period of pregnancy. They also reduce the chance of fetal morbidity. Corticosteroids are provided to women who have endured a gestational period during 34-36 weeks. This increases the fetal lung maturity of the patient.
For gestational periods less than 32 weeks, Magnesium Sulphate should be consumed as it reduces severe neurologic dysfunction.

Specialist: If there is a case of fetal compromise, infection, or a gestational period of more than 34 weeks, then the delivery is attempted.

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