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Pregnancy-induced Hypertension: Symptoms And Treatment


High blood pressure at the time of pregnancy.

There are about 5-8% of all pregnant women who happen to have this condition in the united states of America alone. [1]

- Can be acute and chronic.
- Affects women at a later stage of pregnancy.
- Medical assistance needs to be provided.
- Lab tests are to be conducted.

Pregnancy-induced hypertension is a condition where women at a later stage of pregnancy are affected by hypertension that causes some adverse effects on the body. Furthermore, it affects the overall development of the baby. It also causes high blood pressure, swelling, and even short temper.


- Pain There is an immense pain in the abdomen region along with severe headaches.
- Swelling - The affected person’s feet, hands, and legs are swollen up properly along with spots in your eyes.
- Bloody urine Blood is found in the urine. Also, the patient undergoes excessive vomiting and nausea.


- Self-care Perform yoga on a daily basis.
- Medication An ultrasound should be carried out to ensure that there is no irritation caused to the baby. Also, supplements should be taken to keep yourself calm and happy.

- Specialist Consult a gynecologist as soon as possible to get some positive results. At mfine, we believe in giving you the best and also ensuring that you are cured of your condition.

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