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Pre-Pregnancy Counselling: All You Need to Know


A pre-pregnancy counselling aims at providing health information to take the right decision before getting conceived.

- Pre-pregnancy counselling helps you to know the required intake of vitamins.
- A diet regime is given by doctors to follow, which helps in maintaining fiber intake, folic acid, and calcium.
- A check on all the blood reports and vaccinations to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

A preconception counseling is a time to clear all your doubts regarding pregnancy and also to get awareness about the potential health concerns that may arise after conceiving.


Self-diagnosable: If you are planning for a pregnancy, it is advised to take up a pre-pregnancy counselling.

People may experience:
Anxiety Females may experience anxiety with regard to pregnancy
Fear They may experience fear of complications


Self-care: Make a note of all your doubts and questions to be asked during the consultation with a doctor and fix an appointment with the doctor you feel comfortable with.

Medications: Consultation with the doctor is a must before taking any medications.

Specialists: It is very much important to get a pre-pregnancy counselling so that you can be sure that you can handle the pregnancy and be prepared for the possible risks and treatments for the same.
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