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Post-pregnancy weight gain: Should you worry about it?


During pregnancy, women gain a healthy weight ranging between 11.5 and 16 kgs. But losing this weight gain can be a real-life struggle. Most women gain weight after pregnancy, which is known as post-pregnancy weight gain.

Gestational weight gain is usually higher. Around 43% of the women gain weight more than the recommended standard.[1]

A major reason for the extra weight gain after pregnancy may be because of lifestyle choices along with aging. Maintaining a healthy weight is always possible through better food choices and exercise.


Although there are no particular symptoms of post-pregnancy weight gain, but prominent features are like
- Craving carbs because of tiredness
- breastfeeding and depression
- Ovarian cysts
- Food intolerance that can lead to unnatural weight gain of the mother

Joint pain, vision problems, and numbness in hands can be symptoms of Hypothyroidism, which in turn leads to weight gain.


Self-care: The first tip to lose the extra weight is to not go on a crash diet because the body needs nutrients to recover from delivery. Eating food with lots of fiber and proteins, avoiding added sugar and refined carbs and alcohol, drinking enough water, and exercising can help control the extra weight gained post pregnancy.
Medication: Losing weight in a natural process is more recommendable for such cases. A doctor can be consulted if the mother is feeling depressed or needs help to chalk out a daily routine for losing weight.

Specialists: For other severe kinds, consult a dietician or a physician at the earliest. We at mfine can help you with various fields of health issues. You can get in touch with us onboard for a holistic treatment program.

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