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Postcoital vaginal pain: All that you need to kno


Pain in the vagina after or during sex

Increasing estrogen levels in the body can reduce vaginal dryness and hence subdue the after- sex-pain in the vagina. [1]

- The discomfort could be caused due to skin disorders, infections, IBS, uterine fibroids, vaginal dryness, medications, STDs, lack of lubrication, etc.
- It could also be the result of psychological stressors such as fear, guilt, or associated shame with sex, self-image issues relationship problems, history of sexual abuse or rape, etc.
- A thorough medical history and medical examination as per your doctor’s discretion should help to find the exact diagnosis.
- Lab tests and imaging might be required.

The frequent burning sensation or pain in the genital area during or after sexual intercourse could be stemming from physical or psychological reasons. A specialist must be consulted if the pain persists.


People can experience pain:
- In the vagina, urethra, or bladder
- During penetration
- During or after intercourse
- Deep in the pelvis during intercourse
- After pain-free intercourse
- Only with specific partners
- Only under specific circumstances
- With the use of tampons
- Along with burning, itching, or aching
- With a feeling of stabbing pain similar to menstrual cramps


The method of treatment is dependent on the precise cause of the pain.
Self-care: Keeping your genitals clean is essential. Only simple soap and water should be used for this purpose. If an infection or medical condition contributes to your pain, treating the cause might resolve your problem.
Medications: Changing medications known to cause lubrication problems also might eliminate your symptoms.

Specialists: Consult a specialist such as a gynecologist or a specialist who deals with Counseling or sex therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy, Vaginal relaxation exercises, or Desensitization therapy. It is essential to consult a specialist if the pain persists. Whether psychological or physical causes, it is essential to get to the root of the pain. This can be done through mfine.

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