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Menorrhagia post-IPill: Everything you must know


Menorrhagia post-IPill is defined as prolonged or heavy menstrual bleeding caused by IPill.

Menorrhagia is a common cause of iron deficiency in women in the United States of America that affects 20-25% of the female population at their reproductive age. [1]

- It can be a symptom of other medical condition
- It can lead to iron deficiency due to heavy loss of blood
- Physical and laboratory examination is required for diagnosis

Heavy menstrual bleeding can result in pain and irritation and discomfort. People may not realize it for some time; however, irregular heavy bleeding after a few days is an indication of menorrhagia post-IPill.

Ages affected It can affect any woman who is in her reproductive age.


The common symptom includes heavy bleeding that lasts for more than seven days after taking IPill and there is frequent need of changing sanitary pads or tampons.

People may experience
Pain areas abdomen and lower back
Continuous and heavy bleeding for more than seven days
Tiredness and weakness
Need to change sanitary pads and tampons once in every one or two hours
Need to change pads and tampons during the night
Heavy flow that restricts from performing regular activities


Self-care: Stay hydrated, healthy diet rich in iron, and anti-inflammatory medicines

Medications: Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) help in reducing discomfort and other prescribed drugs

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