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Mastalgia = Breast Pain! Click Here To Know More


Constant or occasional pain in the breasts.

Mastalgia is a common breast symptom that may affect up to 70% of women in their lifestyle.

- Treatable by a medical professional
- Requires medical diagnosis for proper treatment
- Mid-term: resolves within months, but can be recurring
- Common in women, occasionally occurs in men

The two main types of Mastalgia are Cyclical Breast Pain and Non-cyclical Breast Pain.
Cyclical pain is related to the menstrual cycle and thus evident in premenopausal women. It has no relation whatsoever to premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Non-cyclical pain is not related to the menstrual cycle and can be constant or occasional, either localized or due to other reasons.

The other types of breast pain occur in the chest wall, and outside the breast, called Extramammary breast pain.

Ages affected: Most common in women aged 30 to 50 years.


Symptoms include any type of pain that can be felt in the breast or even surrounding area. Non-cyclical pain can also be due to cysts or trauma from any relevant surgery.

People may experience
In case of Cyclical pain
- Mild or aching pain, especially during the late phase of the menstrual cycle
- Breast swelling, lumpiness

In case of Non-cyclical pain
- Pain in either of the breasts, usually a burning sensation
- Continuous or randomly occurring pain


Self-care: Wearing a well-fitted bra helps in case of both cyclical and non-cyclical pains. For cyclical breast pain, intake of flax seeds helps as a first-line treatment.

Medications: Specialised drugs as recommended by the doctor.

Specialists: For specific measures, consult a physician or a specialist. At Mfine, we provide holistic treatment programs that are best suited as per your health requirements.

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