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Breastfeeding: Training and Counseling


Support mothers to successfully breastfeed their babies and teach techniques.
According to research, lactation counseling has significantly resulted in women breastfeeding their babies for longer durations.[1]
- A form of training and providing reassurance and support to help lactating mothers breastfeed
- Provides information and techniques to help successfully breastfeed
- Problem sharing, problem-solving, and encouragement

Breastfeeding plays an important role in a child’s growth and health. Counseling benefits a mother by teaching her techniques to breastfeed, overcome difficulties in latching, know and understand the advantages of lactating, and positioning a baby, besides mentioning the risks and side effects of not breastfeeding.

When is it required?

Mother disregarding breastfeeding: when it is important to make a mother understand the benefits of breastfeeding for both the mother’s and child’s health.

When the mother is under medications: while using medication(s) for other illness(es), the mother should be explained how to breastfeed and take necessary precautions.

HIV infected mothers: it is important to counsel an HIV-infected mother well on how to breastfeed and provide an HIV-free life to the baby.

Mother unable to breastfeed properly: when the mother is unable to breastfeed well, a counselor should help by supporting her.

Steps for counseling
Assessing the situation: to know about the situation before understanding the technique.

Problems and information gaps: what is the mother undergoing and missing out, looking into what she does not/should know, and addressing her concerns.

Alternatives: providing strength, talking about benefits to her, and discussing the situation.

Solutions: listening actively and providing needful information, steps and techniques and reassuring support.

Review: looking into how the counseling is helping her and doing the needful in further stages.

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