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Irregular Periods – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


A condition of having irregular and missed menstrual periods often.

Estimates tell that 14% of women have irregular menses during childbearing years. [1]

● May require medical attention if it continues
● Should understand the underlying condition to treat
● Common condition
● Medically curable
● May last longer terms in certain cases

The condition of a missed or irregular menstrual period is not a rare situation. On an average, a woman gets her period between 24-36 days. In case the menstrual periods arrive later than this range, then it may be the case of irregular menses. Several causes may be leading to a condition such as thyroid problems, PCOS, stress, severe exercise, hormonal changes, and birth control pills.

Ages affected – Prevalent among women from reproductive age groups till their menopause.


Continuous and chronic symptoms of delayed periods missed cycles or irregular flow during menstrual periods should be reported to the doctor.

People may experience:
Missed or irregular periods – irregular menstrual cycles
Pain – severe pain reported during the cycle
Mild bleeding – spotting or mild bleeding in regular cycles


Self-care: Several underlying conditions may have known to cause irregular menses. Try taking proper rest in a stress-free environment. If the situation persists or affects your cycle completely, it is advised to visit the health care provider.

Medications: Doctor may try to understand the underlying cause to give medications. Medications are prescribed as per the cause to treat the condition.

Specialists: If the symptoms mentioned above persist, it is advised to visit your doctor immediately. At mfine, we are here to provide you with complete information and treatment for your health needs.

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