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Inflammatory Candidiasis: Everything to Know


Candida yeast is seen in poops and abnormal discharge.

People with HIV or HIV at the 3rd stage are commonly affected. (1)

· Can be seen both in men and women.
· Usually harmless.
· It occurs minimum 4 times in a year.
· Can be acute or chronic or both.

Inflammatory candidiasis is a disease that naturally occurs in the mucous membrane, in the intestines, and on the skin. There is some level of Candida in most of the people throughout their body. The two most common places for Candida are vagina and mouth. An overgrowth of Candida in the intestines results in it appearing in stools also.

Ages affected – mostly in women, often – in adults


Symptoms include white lesions on inner cheeks or tongue in mouth areas, soreness and spreading all over mouth and throat, itching, abnormal discharge, and pain while urinating or during sex, all of which needs urgent attention, and one should consult a physician.

People may experience
· Diarrhea
· Fever
· Fatigue
· Unexplained weight loss
· Bloody stool
· Abdominal pains and cramps


Self-care: Regularly washing your clothes, cleaning your teeth, taking a shower daily, having safe foods, and washing hands before eating or cooking.

Medications: Proton pump inhibitors, broad-spectrum antibiotics, and fluconazole pills.
Specialists: If the situation persists for a long time and does not get cured after some time, then consult a physician. At mfine, we provide various treatment for various health issues. If you want to see yourself getting treated, then come and get yourself treated.

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