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Fibroadenosis of B/L Breast – What You Need to Know!


Formation of non-malignant lumps leading to pain in both the breasts.
Almost 85% of the breast lumps are noncancerous. [1]

➔ Self-diagnosable but requires diagnosis by a healthcare professional
➔ May require tests and imaging for diagnosis
➔ Happens to only women
➔ Is usually treatable
Fibroadenosis of B/L breast means the formation of lumps in both the breasts. Women with fibroadenosis complain of breast pain. It is not a disease but a condition and the causes can be many. Women reaching menopause may have cysts in their breasts, caused due to retention of fluid by the body. Severe injury or infection can also lead to the formation of lumps in the breasts. A blocked milk duct or a tumor made of fatty tissue are also lumps. None of these are cancerous.
Ages affected – women in between the age group of 25-50 years.


● Multiple lumps in both the breast that may or may not be painful
● Breast sensitivity or tenderness
● Discharge from the nipples
These lumps usually have a well-defined shape and tend to move around under the skin.


Regular breast examination is important. Any changes should be reported to a doctor, immediately.
Proper nutrition and healthy habits can go a long way in prevention.
Medicines might be prescribed to ease the discomfort associated with these lumps.
Breast lumps should not be ignored and these are treatable in most cases. Talk to one of our mfine experts to know whether you need surgery or not.

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