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Lump in the breast? This is what you need to know


Fibroadenoma is a non-cancerous tumor in the breast, which is commonly found in women under 30 years. Fibroadenosis is not a disease, but a condition affecting women.

Approximately, 85% of the breast lumps are not malignant.(1)

Fibroadenosis is
- Treatable by a medical professional
- Requires a medical diagnosis
- Laboratory tests and imaging required
- Can be resolved within days, depending upon the consultation with your doctor

The exact cause of fibroadenosis is unknown. However, it is apprehended that hormones such as estrogen may be responsible for the growth and development of tumors.


The most common symptoms of fibroadenosis are as follows:
- One or more lumps in the breast, which may or may not be painful.
- Discharge from the nipples.
- Breast tenderness.


Self-care: Proper nutrition can be helpful in preventing the development of fibroadenosis. In addition, if a women smoke or drink caffeine, then it should be eliminated or reduced. Regular breast examination can also be helpful to get the lumps diagnosed at an early stage.
Medication: Although women with fibroadenosis might not get the lumps removed, the discomfort caused can be reduced by some medication. Mild pain relievers containing acetylsalicylic acid are effective in such cases. Doctors may also suggest wearing a well-fitted comfortable bra.

Specialists: Consulting a doctor when symptoms are found is the best way to stop the development of this disease. If you are looking for information related to other medical conditions then scroll through the mfine page. You can also contact us for a holistic treatment solution.

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