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Pregnancy Fever: All You Want to Know


A body temperature of pregnant women of 100℉ or above is considered as fever.

One-third of pregnant woman may get fever at any time during their pregnancy. (1)

- Treatable by medical professionals
- Usually self-diagnosable
- Laboratory tests and imaging are not required
- Acute: improves in a week or two

During pregnancy, the immune system weakens, leaving body more susceptible to infections by bacteria or viruses. The causes of fever could be as many as in a non-pregnant person, urinary tract infection, gastrointestinal viruses, flu, cold, or food poisoning being common ones. Chorioamnionitis and listeria are more severe cases of fever during pregnancy that are also threatening.



Fever may accompany some other symptoms during pregnancy.

Women may experience
Fever: Usually, running low
Pain areas: Joints, back, abdomen, and neck
Sweating: With chills
Headache: With nausea and tiredness
Blurred vision
A bitter taste in the tongue
Diarrhea, vomiting, and dehydration: In case of food poisoning.


Self-care: Drink fluids plentifully, especially electrolyte-infused drinks, or herbal tea. Bath in lukewarm water, take a steam or salt-water gargle. Taking adequate rest and wearing loose, comfortable clothing also helps.

Medications: Antipyretics or antibiotics can cure fever but should be taken after consulting doctor to prevent side-effects.

Specialists: Consulted a doctor, if the fever is higher than 101℉, or is accompanied with vomiting or dehydration. Listeria and chorioamnionitis are potentially threatening and must be ruled out by consulting a doctor. mfine is there for you with our specialists and assistance, tell us your symptoms, and we heed instantly.

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