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A disorder where endometrium grows outside the uterus.

Approximately, 10% of women are affected by endometriosis.[1]

Not self-diagnosable.
Requires ultrasound, pelvic exam, MRI, or other tests for diagnosis.
Occurs only in women.

Endometriosis of ovary occurs when endometrium grows on ovaries. Apart from ovaries, endometrium grows on bowel and tissue lining of the pelvis. Endometriosis is divided into four stages- minimal (small lesions on ovaries), mild (shallow implant on ovaries), moderate (deep implant on ovaries), and severe (deep implants on pelvic lining and ovaries).

Age affected: In general, it happens in women after puberty.


Pain in lower back and abdomen before and after a period.
Pain during urination and bowel movements.
Fertility issues.
Pain during sex.
Constipation, vomiting, and bloating.


Self-care: To improve symptoms you might be asked to take warm baths and apply heating pads. In addition, regular exercise is recommended.

Surgery: Your doctor may conduct surgery to remove endometriosis implants that might help you to get pregnant. In severe cases, your doctor might recommend hysterectomy with the removal of ovaries.

Medications: Your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs or pain relievers to ease cramps during menstruation.

Specialists: For better understanding, you can consult a gynecologist at mfine, and begin your treatment right from your homes.

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