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Tuberculosis during Pregnancy- Know what to do


When pregnant women go through a thorough check-up, one of the primary tests a doctor does is for tuberculosis (TB). It is a contagious disease affecting the lungs.

There are incidences of 4.2 per 100,000 maternities globally.(1)

TB during pregnancy is
- Treatable by a medical professional
- Requires a medical diagnosis
- Laboratory tests or imaging required
- Can be cured within months

Doctors can recommend tests to find out the level of TB. It can be active or latent. Women may not know if they have TB or not in case of latent TB.


In case of active TB, women may experience:
- Coughing for weeks
- Weight loss
- Bloody phlegm
- Night sweats
- Fever
The active form of TB is more dangerous than the latent form. There are certain medications to treat TB that need to be avoided during pregnancy. These include
- Kanamycin
- Cycloserine
- Ethionamide
- Streptomycin
- Amikacin
- Ciprofloxacin
- Ofloxacin
- Sparfloxacin
- Levofloxacin
- Capreomycin


Self-care: TB can only be prevented by taking the required vaccination at the right time.

Medication: After diagnosing TB in pregnant women, treatment depends upon the form of TB the pregnant woman is suffering from. If it is the latent form then the doctor might ask the mother to hold off the treatment until about 2 or 3 months after she’s had the baby. However, she can be asked to take isoniazid or isonicotinylhydrazide once a day or twice a week for about 9 months. It is also important to take Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) supplements to get necessary vitamins.
In the case of active TB, doctors may prescribe drugs at first every day for 2 months.

Specialists: For other severe kinds, consult a physician at the earliest. We at mfine can help you with various fields of health issues. You can get in touch with us on board for a holistic treatment program.

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