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Excessive bleeding after spontaneous abortion: This is what you can


The excessive bleeding post a miscarriage.

- It requires a proper medical diagnosis
- Lab tests and imaging might be required
- It can be treated by a medical practitioner
- Few of the major causative ailments that lead to hemorrhaging include an incomplete miscarriage, retained products of conception, Bleeding disorders, Blood-thinning medications or Ruptured ovarian cysts.

85% of spontaneous miscarriages happen in the first trimester [1].

Seek emergency help if the excessive bleeding leads to a drop in the blood pressure, or you appear pale and sweaty which indicates a severe loss of blood. If medical help is not sought out immediately the complications could be fatal.


People can experience:
- Excessive bleeding
- Period-like pain
- Abdominal cramps
- Pain in the pelvic region


Self Care: The treatment of hemorrhage following complete or unspecified spontaneous abortion is a medical emergency and it is very important to meet with a specialist as soon as possible.

Medications: Your specialist might prescribe certain medicines to help pass the tissue properly.

Specialists: Seek medical help if the bleeding is heavy and persists enough to soak through a normal pad in under an hour. mfine caters to different areas of health issues and the perfect course of treatment can be chosen according to your requirements.

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