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Delayed Menstrual Cycle Under Evaluation: Common Concerns And Proper Treatment


Delayed Periods are a sign of irregular menstrual cycle. More often than not, missed or irregular periods require medical attention.

Heavy exercise plays a role in the delayed or stopping menstrual cycle. 5 to 25 % of female athletes get their menstrual cycle stopped due to heavy exercises. [1]

- Diagnosis is done by examining the duration and cause of delayed periods.
- The underlying causes of Delayed Periods are stress, hormonal irregularities, eating excessive sugar, eating disorder, weight loss or obesity, thyroid disease, PCOS, and exercise-induced amenorrhea.
- Upon evaluating, periods delay by a week to some months. Usually, delayed periods are not a cause of concern but sometimes require a visit to a gynecologist.


The main symptom of the delayed menstrual cycle is the cycle being longer than previous cycles.
Other symptoms include:
- Bloating
- Muscle Cramps
- Acne
- Mood fluctuations
- Hair loss
After ruling out pregnancy and menopause, medical history is examined. Any recent change in medication and diet is examined as well.
Imaging tests like Ultrasound, MRI and CT scan are performed to diagnose the cause of delay in periods.


Self-care option involves:
- Trying stress management.
- Cutting back on excessive exercise.
- Eating a healthy and balanced diet.
- Opting for a suitable birth control option after consulting a doctor.

Medications for delayed periods includes:
- Weight-loss program (in case obese).
- Hormonal replacement procedure
- Surgery
- Medications as prescribed by the doctor

Specialists: Gynecologist or a physician can guide in case the condition persists.

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