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Cracked nipple associated with the puerperium


Cracked nipples occur during the puerperium period which usually lasts for 6 weeks post delivery.

Cracked nipples are very common and can appear 3 to 7 days after birth.[4]

-Dry and cracked nipples are a common part of the breastfeeding process.
-Infant nursing frequently can lead to cracked nipples.
-An infant has strong sucking reflexes if positioned wrongly can lead to sore nipples and cracking.
-Can be very painful and uncomfortable.
-They are generally temporary and can be easily treatable.

After the puerperium period of 6 weeks post delivery, most of the reproductive organs return to their normal state. Baby Cucking too long, lack of cleanness, repeated leaving and taking of breast for breathing by baby, infections are common causes of cracked nipple associated with the puerperium period.


Self-diagnosable: It can be easily diagnosed by looking at nipples as small lacerations or breaks nipple skin.

People may experience:
Wedge-shaped, white and flattened nipples
Irritation and uncomfortable
Thick fluid or yellow Discharge
Bad/funny smell


Self Care: Take rest as soon as any sign of issue appear or felt by mother. The infant should not be nursing during the treatment. Applying a cool, soaked tea bag to the nipples and wearing breast shields can help in minimizing the risk of soreness and cracked nipples.

Hot fomentations such as panthenol ointment or flavine in liquid paraffin can be applied on sore/cracked nipples. Over the counter medications like acetaminophen can be used during breastfeeding to minimize risk.

Specialists: If problem increases consult the doctor. At mfine, we have developed the AI system to provide a holistic treatment program.

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