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Having questions about your abortion? Here is what you need to know


A procedure that is employed to terminate the pregnancy with the use of medications.

Medical abortion has a success rate of about 99.5% if it is done within the first 9 weeks of pregnancy. [1]

- A combination of drugs are generally used
- Effective if done in the first trimester
- Usually takes 10 to 14 days to confirm the abortion
- Ultrasound or Negative test is required for confirmation

Undergoing medical abortion can be overwhelming both physically and psychologically. You need to have a thorough understanding of the potential risks and the procedure involved in medical abortion.


Most of the women themselves will be able to know when the pregnancy symptoms disappear.

Symptoms include vaginal bleeding, pain and cramping of the abdomen.

Women may experience
- Heavy bleeding
- Severe pain in the abdominal region
- Vaginal discharge with a foul smell
- Prolonged fever more than 24 hours


Self-care: Proper rest should be taken and women have to avoid stress inducing factors.

Medications: Painkillers and antibiotics can be taken as per doctor's prescription.

Specialist: It is recommended to see a specialist to confirm the abortion. Book an appointment with mfine and get in touch with a specialist.

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