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Circumvallate Placenta: All You Wanted To Know


Circumvallate Placenta is a condition in which the chorionic plate ( the fetal side of the placenta), which facilitates the supply of nutrients to the fetus, is very small and therefore does not allow adequate nutrients to be passed on to the fetus.

Only 7% of pregnancies exhibit this condition, making it one of the rarest abnormalities of the placenta. [1]

There are multiple reasons for this condition, such as:
- Chronic kidney disease in the mother
- Pregnancy with multiple fetuses
- Serious infections in the mother

Ultrasound and blood tests are done to diagnose the condition. This condition leads to a deficiency of nutrients for the fetus.


There may be no outwardly observable symptoms of this condition. However, the slow growth rate of the fetus because of a decreased supply of blood and nutrients will indicate this. It will be revealed only through an ultrasound scan.


Though not much can be done to rectify the condition, attempts are generally made to manage it.
- Eating a balanced diet
- Taking ample rest
- Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
- Not consuming alcohol and other substances that will harm the fetus


In the case of placental abruption which is a serious condition, the mother- to- be will be given IV fluids or even blood transfusion if there is considerable loss of blood. If the abruption gets out of hand, even an immediate delivery can occur.

Depending on the severity of the condition, doctors will advise suitable treatment.
If there is restricted intrauterine growth ( that is, restricted growth of the fetus), doctors will continuously monitor the mother and the fetus so that an uncomplicated delivery can take place. They may advise total bed rest also, to help conserve energy till the baby is born

At mfine, we focus on having all pregnancy conditions covered and checked for pregnant women so that they have smooth and healthy progress throughout their pregnancy.

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