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A Congenital abnormality: Bicornuate Uterus.


It is a condition where the uterus of a female is heart shaped.

3% of women have irregular shaped uterus.

- Does not have much symptoms, therefore cannot be diagnosed.
- This is not contagious, therefore does not spread when in contact.
- No medication can fix this problem, only a surgery can.

In the bicornuate uterus, there is a dint at the top (fundus) of the uterus. It can only be detected after undergoing an ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). It is also termed as bicornate or heart shaped uterus. It is a congenital abnormality. It could lead to many irregularities during pregnancy and could affect menstrual cycle too.

Age affected:

Women of all ages are affected as the bicornuate uterus is with them from their birth.


This problem cannot be self-diagnosed and only X-rays can reveal the issue.
The most common symptoms told by women with this kind of uterus are:
1) Unbearable pain during periods.
2) Unsteady vaginal bleeding.
3) Experiencing pain while having sexual intercourse.
4) Having abdominal pain.
5) Miscarriages and weaken the ability to conceive.


This problem cannot be dealt with self-care, and only medical surgery can cure it.

Medication cannot solve this issue. Only surgery can cure bicornuate uterus
- There is a surgery which is known as Strassman metroplasty which is more likely to overcome this situation.
- A pelvic exam and other imaging tests are also performed by the doctor.

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