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Worried about your Newborn? Here's How To Work Through Your Anxiety


Anxiety during pregnancy involves feelings of fear, panic, and worry about whether the pregnancy will go smooth or terminate.

15.6% women report their anxiety getting worse during the early pregnancy [1]

-May experience feelings of depression, panic, and fear
-Requires imaging tests and physical exams
-Anxiety may last throughout the duration of pregnancy
-Treatable with medications and lifestyle changes

Pregnancy is a time of joy and anxiety alike for women. As a mother, it is normal to experience feelings of anxiety but you do not want it to rule your life. Hormonal changes alter the chemicals in the brain, also leading to anxiety and in severe cases, may result in complications too.
Ages affected: 18 to 25 (most often); 26 and above (less often).


Common symptoms associated with anxiety during pregnancy are depression and mood swings.

People also experience
Disturbance in sleep cycles
Weight loss or weight gain


Self-care: Getting active and spending time doing creative activities like drawing, yoga, and journaling are known to help with symptoms. In addition, eating healthily is recommended to patients.

Medications: Your doctor may prescribe anti-depressant medications or SSRI drugs if your symptoms become too unbearable, however, these may come with side effects.

Specialists: At mfine, we are committed to making your stay and pregnancy as comfortable as possible. Talk to our midwives and medical team to learn more about wellness and treatment programs.

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