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Antepartum Hemorrhage and its Complications: All that You Need to Know


A complication arising during the pregnancy: vaginal bleeding due to placental abruption, cervical ectropion or placental praevia.

Affects 5-20% of pregnancies around or after 20 to 24 weeks. [1]

- May arise complications in pregnancy
- Need immediate treatment from medical professional
- May require lab examinations and medical tests
- May lead to a threat to the life of mother and child
- May require early delivery in certain cases

The condition may arise from separation of the placenta from uterine wall prematurely. This situation results in hemorrhage before fetus delivery. Bleeding occurs from the vagina. The condition may cause a threat to the life of the baby and mother if neglected. Immediate medical intervention is required.

Ages affected Mostly caused for pregnancies if the mother is aged above 35 years.


Lab tests are required to diagnose the condition. Any abnormal vaginal bleeding should be reported to a healthcare provider immediately without neglect.

People may experience:
Pain abdominal pain and back pain
Bleeding vaginal bleeding takes place, which can vary greatly
Tenderness uterine tenderness and contractions


Self-Care: Shock due to blood loss, kidney failure, baby not receiving enough oxygen or stillbirth may cause the condition. Any above symptoms if noticed should be reported to doctor immediately.

Medications: An ultrasound scan is required to understand the situation. Depending on the condition, a medical professional will recommend early delivery or surgery as required.

Specialists: In case of the above-mentioned symptoms, one should consult medical care professional immediately. At mfine, we are here to provide you with total health care and program.

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