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Abnormal Vaginal Discharge: Overview, Symptoms and Treatment


Sudden increase in vaginal discharge along with a foul smell and excessive or coloured discharge could be indicative of an underlying problem and needs immediate care.

On the off chance that you have a yellow discharge with an unsavory smell, this may show that you're experiencing trichomoniasis.

  • Any adjustment in the vagina's equalization of ordinary microscopic organisms can influence the smell, shade and quantity of vaginal discharge.
  • Anti-microbial or steroid use are a couple of the things that can offset the ph balance of the vaginal region.
  • Anti-conception medication pills may are also known to cause changes in vaginal discharge.
  • In case your discharge is yellow or greenish in colour or is thick and clustered or you experience a stout or an extremely watery release, it may be a cause for concern.

Ages affected - Age 13 to 55 years


Symptoms include coloured discharge (brilliant yellow or green), extremely watery or clumpy discharge.

Symptoms of abnormal vaginal discharge may include

  • Increased in the amount of discharge
  • Smelly/coloured discharge
  • Painful discharge


Proper hygiene needs to be maintained and it is recommended that douching, usage of harsh soaps and unclean clothing be avoided.

Normally treated with antifungal prescriptions that are in the form of tablets/ gel that need to be inserted into the vagina. Bacterial vaginosis is treated with antitoxin pills or topical creams. Trichomoniasis is generally treated with medication and has to be prescribed by a doctor.

Specialists: It is advisable to consult a gynecologist for accurate diagnosis and proper care.

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