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What Happens When You Are 6 Weeks Pregnant


By the sixth week of pregnancy, the baby is in the embryo stage and developing fast.

At least 7 in 10 women experience morning sickness at six weeks of pregnancy. [1]

The baby is just the size of a sweet pea at 6 weeks of pregnancy. It initiates the development of various organs of the baby. Various symptoms of pregnancy start to show by now.


The symptoms felt by most women in their 6th week of pregnancy includes:
• Morning sickness or nausea
• Changes in appetite
• Fatigue
• Abdominal bloating
• Tenderness of the breast and swelling
• Frequent urination
• Mood swings


Self- Care:
These self-care measures should be adopted at 6 weeks gestation for a healthy pregnancy.
- Avoid seafood
- Avoid alcohol and smoking
- Eat a well-balanced diet
- Get a routine gynaecological exam
- Cook all food items thoroughly
- Wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before cooking

The doctors usually perform some diagnostic tests and prescribe medications and lifestyle changes based on the diagnosis. The doctors may perform a physical examination, blood tests, urine tests, and prenatal genetic screening to evaluate your health. A folic acid multivitamin medications are recommended at this stage for all women. The doctors also advise the childbearing women to have a healthy diet, thoroughly cooked meals and keep intake of caffeine to only 200 mg per day. Alcohol and tobacco are to be completely avoided.

It is best to reach out to your gynecologist at 6 weeks gestation pregnancy for routine checkup and to ensure good health. At Mfine, we provide integrated treatment plans for a healthy body under the guidance of the qualified specialists.

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