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Wound and Skin Infections: Become Self-Aware


The breaking or excavation in a skin being penetrated by pathogenic organisms.

People with eczema are prone to get skin infections. (#1)

- Treatable by medical professionals
- Self-diagnosable
- Lab tests and imaging are rarely required
- Short-term: heals in days to weeks

When the skin is broken, the pathogens colonizing the wound may cause infections easily. The severity depends on the type of organisms, location, and depth of the wound. Common skin infections are erythrasma, impetigo, ecthyma, folliculitis, erysipelas, cellulitis, and warts - caused by bacteria; dermatophytosis, ringworms, and oral candidiasis by fungi and yeast; and sporotrichosis, animal bites, vibrio infection, and necrotizing fasciitis are common wound infections.




The symptoms are generally easy to detect.

People may experience
Pus or fluid from the wound
Redness: of skin around the wound
Crust: often yellow or pimple-like on top
Sores: look like blisters
Pain: keeps getting worse
Swelling: keeps getting worse
Fever: moderate
Warmth: around the wound
Non-healing of wound: within 10 days


Self-care: Cleanse the wound efficiently and timely, people should be well-versed in first aid methods. Stay hydrated and have proper nutrition. Maintain hygiene. Apply prescribed antibiotic or antifungal creams, ointments, or powders.

Medications: The doctor gives oral antibiotics, antifungals, or antivirals depending on the infection. Tetanus injection is required if a tetanus shot isn’t up to date.

Specialists: Severe infections or wounds may require an incision or surgical removal to protect other uninfected parts. mfine is there to help in every major or minor health issue; reach us for a comprehensive and satisfactory treatment.

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