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Verrucae And What You Want To Know About It


A medical condition where fleshy lesions grow at the heels or balls of the feet which are caused by the Human Papillomavirus

Verrucae warts mostly affect patients between the ages of 12 and 16 (1)

-Complications may lead to surgery
-Goes away in a few months with treatment

Verrucae warts are known as plantar warts which grow at the bottom of the feet, the heels, and near the balls of the feet. They are characterized by black spots or mosaic patterns are usually firm and rough. Some of these may be yellow too and there is a possibility of recurrence in the future.When you step on the wart, a sharp needle-like sensation rushes through your skin.


Common symptoms of Verrucae warts in patients include itchiness, bleeding when scratching, and tiny black spots at the bottom of the feet which feel painful when stepped on.

People may experience

Clusters - Sometimes these warts group into clusters forming a mosaic pattern.
Pain - when you step on these warts or poke them
Changes in size - These warts may appear flattened, firm, or raised and their size or appearance may change


Self-care: Self-care treatment includes practicing proper feet hygiene, changing socks regularly, and making sure to not poke, scratch, or irritate the warts by scratching. Some natural home remedies include applying apple cider vinegar on the affected areas.

Medications: OTC drugs, feet plasters, and medications containing salicylic acid are known to be effective in treating these warts.

Specialist: Treatment includes cryotherapy while in extreme and rare cases, may require surgery. To learn more or get a customized treatment plan, talk to our healthcare professionals at mfine today.

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