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How effective is Vasectomy?

What is Vasectomy?

Vasectomy, also known as male sterilization, is a surgical procedure that cuts and blocks the supply of sperm to the man’s semen. The tubes are sealed so that the sperm doesn’t enter the woman’s body and is a contraceptive method. Vasectomy is a simple operation that helps prevent pregnancy. It is a permanent method and the most effective form of birth control.

When is Vasectomy recommended?

You cant change your mind later. So, vasectomy is recommended only if you are sure that you don’t want to have any more children. Vasectomies are super-effective and better than other methods of contraception such as rubbers and birth controls. This will permanently prevent your partner from getting pregnant and will not affect the sexual functioning of the man.

Preparing for Vasectomy

- Stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs (aspirin, ibuprofen) weeks before the surgery. Intake of such drugs can increase the risk of bleeding.
- Keep your genital area clean and wash your scrotum. Your doctor may even ask you to shave the surgical area.
- Avoid driving on your own and exerting any pressure.
- Pack a pair of tight-fitting underwear to minimize swelling after the surgical procedure.

Understanding Vasectomy Results

Until and unless the follow-up test results confirm that your semen is free of sperm, you should use other forms of birth control, if need be. It is an effective form of birth control, but a vasectomy won’t prevent the spread of STDs. It is recommended to use condoms for those. It is possible to reverse vasectomy, but it is expensive and complicated. It is even ineffective. You may visit mfine and consult the top doctors from the best hospitals.

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