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Vasculitis all you need to know


Vasculitis refers to the inflammation of the blood vessels.

Leptin levels in your blood may be closely linked to vasculitis of the skin. [5]

- Rare disease
- Requires a medical diagnoses
- Lab tests and imaging techniques are always required
- Treatment can relieve symptom but not cure the condition
- Acute or chronic condition

Vasculitis can be of various types. Skin Vasculitis is also called cutaneous vasculitis, and affects the small or medium-sized vessels in the skin. It usually appears as red and purple spots on the legs which resemble bruises.

Ages affected: It can affect people of all ages.


The common symptoms of Vasculitis affecting the skin includes:
- Skin lesions especially on the legs
- Palpable purpura
- Urticaria
- Nodules
- Fever


Some self-care measures which can be adopted to deal with cutaneous vasculitis are:
- Wear loose-fitting clothes
- Avoid triggering factors such as prolonged standing
- Avoid exposure to cold

The course of treatment usually administered by doctors to relieve symptoms of cutaneous vasculitis depends on the level of the severity. Severe cutaneous vasculitis is treated with systemic corticosteroids and immunosuppressive drugs.

It is advisable to seek treatment from a board-certified dermatologist for the best line of treatment. We at mfine are here to provide an integrated treatment plan to solve all your health issues.

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