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Is unspecified acute appendicitis dangerous?


The inflammation of appendix is known as acute appendicitis. Bacterial infection is responsible for causing this ailment.
Acute appendicitis is not so common among the elderly.[1]

-Treatable by doctors
- Medical diagnosis is essential
-Laboratory tests or imaging is often necessary
-In most cases, it usually lasts for a short time and is resolved within a few days or weeks.

If this ailment is not treated thoroughly, there are high chances of the inflamed appendix bursting and spilling out faecal materials into the patient’s abdominal cavity. As a result of this, a life-threatening infection known as peritonitis will occur. In most cases, the infection becomes sealed off but forms an abscess.


Pain affected areas: In the abdomen or mid-abdomen or the right lower abdomen.

Types of pain: Vague, sharp, localized or persistent.

Gastrointestinal: Constipation, diarrhea, nausea, painful and frequent urination, the presence of blood in urine and vomiting.

Most common: Loss of appetite and bad breath.


Self-care: Routine fasting from food and drinks.

Medications: Doctors usually drain the formed abscess and then prescribe antibiotics. If the abscess is formed then, the removal of the infected organ will be scheduled later.

Specialists: Surgery should never be delayed. The appendix should be removed with an incision or with special instrument known as a laparoscope. At mfine, we have a team of specialized doctors. Download the mfine app and begin consultation in 60 seconds.

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