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What is swelling over the forehead area? Causes, symptoms, and treatments


A condition of bump and swelling on the forehead area that may be caused due to injury or wound in the blood vessels behind

May be cause for concern in rare cases leading to a puffy tumor. Around 60% from 1930–37 had a mortality rate due to its spread to children. [1]

- Is prevalent among boys, girls, men, and women
- May be a serious or normal problem
- Can be caused due to head trauma
- May require urgent medical attention
- May lead to serious consequences, if ignored
- Requires lab tests

Injury or a wound near the forehead and consequent swelling are common causes during sports or similar activities. Injuries in this area, leading to bleeding in the same area may cause to swelling. This may be cause for serious concern and underlying condition. If it is a huge blow or high pressure is given due to injury, it may require doctor’s attention and urgent treatment. Common causes, however, are cyst, trauma, lipoma, osteoma, and stings.

Ages affected – It can occur to those of any age group and to any gender.


Symptoms such as worst headache, memory loss, vomiting, mood changes, or confusions should be immediately reported to a health care provider.

People may experience
Pain - Mild to a severe headache; pain in the affected area
Vomiting - Vomiting sensation or vomitings
Memory issues - Rare conditions of memory loss in case of severe blow
Mood swings - Disorientation and mood swings


Self-care: Good amount of rest is required during the situation. If the blow is normal and not a traumatic injury, it will eventually fade away. However, a doctor’s attention is required in case symptoms are severe and are for more than two days.

Medications: Depending on the situation, painkillers may be recommended for a mild situation. Laboratory examinations may be required in severe cases, and medications will be given as per the condition or severity of the injury.

Specialists: If any of the abovementioned symptoms persists, contact your medical professional for help. At mfine, we are here to come up and help you with suitable and required healthcare program.

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