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Everything About Subungual Hematoma


A Subungual Hematoma is a scientific term for bleeding under the nails of your feet.
A sportsperson is more likely to suffer from Subungual Hematoma. [1]
1. Lab tests are not required. Imaging can be done for a few cases.
2. It can happen to both, men and women.
3. This disease gets cured within a week.
4. In severe cases, you should consult with a doctor.
A Subungual Hematoma refers to bleeding skin under the nails of ones feet. It generally occurs due to excess pressure on the blood vessels leading them to leak blood. When the toe receives excessive pressure due to tight fitting shoes, the blood vessels under the layer of the skin rupture and lead to Subungual Hematoma.
Ages affected: Men or women of any age can suffer from this disease.


- Pain in nails
- Discoloration in nails
- Bleeding in nails


Self-care: Application of ice over the affected region for some time will reduce the pain and consequently cure Subungual Hematoma.
Medication: In some cases, doctors perform nail trephination, which helps in the draining of the blood clot. Doctors prescribe painkiller in case you have a fever.
Specialists: In severe cases, always consult a dermatologist. There are highly qualified doctors available at mfine who aid recovery smoothly.

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