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What are Second Degree Hemorrhoids & How can they be treated?


Swollen veins in the lowest part of the rectum and anus that cannot be easily seen or felt are known as second degree hemorrhoids.

It is a very common ailment and almost three out of four adults get affected by it from time to time.

-Proper treatment by an experienced doctor can cure it
-Self diagnosis possible
-No need of laboratory tests or imaging
-If it is chronic, then it will last for many years or throughout an individual’s life

There are some people who get affected by these hemorrhoids if other members of the family such as their parents had them. Obese and pregnant women are also seen to get affected by second degree hemorrhoids. Other reasons include pushing during bowel movements or doing something that is physically exerting such as lifting anything heavy can cause them.


People may experience:
Gastrointestinal: Painless bleeding during bowel movements, slimy discharge or mucus after passing of stool and redness, soreness as well as inflammation around the anus.
Most common: Mild discomfort or itching sensation.


Self-care: Include a diet containing fiber, drink lots of water and be engaged in physical activities like walking.

Medications: Injection and rubber band ligation

Specialists: In case of large second degree hemorrhoids, surgery may be performed to remove them. At mfine, we will guide you properly and help you to get rid of your ailment completely.

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