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2. Worried about anal skin tags? Here’s what you need to know


Little raised surfacings on the anus are what is called anal skin tags.

Skin tags are usual and benign skin issues. [1]

- Generally caused by swelled up blood vessels near the anus
- They rarely cause pain.
- A skin tag is a non-cancerous growth.
The skin around the anus is often looser than the skin on other parts of the body. Skin tags can be an outcome when the blood vessels near the anus expand. If someone has had hemorrhoids or other blood vessel conditions around the anus, they are more likely to develop anal skin tags.


Not Self-diagnosable

Small swelling areas on the anus can be observed which will be appearing like bumps
People may experience:
Affected area: the anus
A doctor conducts a visual exam to check s for the signs of a skin tag. They may also perform the rectal test and insert a finger into the rectum to feel for masses or bulges.
If any of these symptoms are noticed, the doctor should be consulted immediately to get tested and to get medical care. If severe symptoms start to appear, medical help should be availed right away.


Self care
- Keeping bowels regular
- Having digestive problems treated
- Avoid irritation from wiping

Anal skin tag removal is an in-office procedure. A doctor can remove them easily so hospital visit is needed. Sometimes cryotherapy is also done.

For other kinds, consult a general physician or a Dermatologist. At mfine, we’re here to help you with every possible way.

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