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Everything about Pyoderma gangrenosum.


Small sores that build up underneath the leg that later turns into deep and painful holes that cause immense pain.

Affects people between 20-50 years of age. [1]

Requires medical attention if left untreated.
Can happen to both men and women.
Undetectable at first, becomes evident at later stages of the condition.
Needs proper medical attention for its eradication.

Various kinds of infection often causes blisters and ulcers that are painful and unsightly. The onset of Pyoderma gangrenosum happens to give you such sores but primarily underneath the leg. It also weakens the entire immune system.


- Red bumps - The onset of Pyoderma gangrenosum usually starts off with a small red bump that in time turns into a huge open painful sore.
- Ulcers due to unknown reasons - Ulcers start to develop that causes the condition to worsen over a period of time. Many small ulcers merge together to form a one really big ulcer.


Self care - Try to stay away from injuries and avoid being cut with something that has been rusted. Also stay away from anything that might give you ulcers on the skin. As one ulcer can lead to many others all across the body.
Medication- Take a bath every day with the right type of body wash and keep yourself dirt free so that skin diseases can be eliminated.
Specialist - Do consult a proper doctor in case the condition prolongs. Here at mfine you can consult with top medical professionals right from the comfort of your own homes.

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