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When the veins in the anal area swell up due to pressure, they form piles. This condition is also known as hemorrhoid. The veins swell up with blood and become painful. When the veins rupture, patients lose blood with feces. Only a general surgeon can offer the best piles treatment.

Piles Symptoms

Only an alert person will be able to detect the early piles symptoms. Here are few common signs:

  •    Presence of piles will cause bleeding from the anus after bowel movements
  •    Itching and burning sensations in the anus
  •    Infections in the anal region and anal fistula

Piles Causes

Any reputed medical practitioner will offer detailed information on piles. Listed below are some common piles causes:

Constipation: It is by far the most significant cause of piles. Lack of smooth bowel movements puts pressure on the anal walls.

Lifting weights: A piles specialist knows that youngsters can suffer from piles if they lift heavy weights regularly.

Pregnancy: During pregnancy, the growing fetus exerts pressure on the large and small intestines. It often triggers the occurrence of piles.

Age: Aged people commonly suffer from constipation. Individuals, above the age of 55 years are likely to suffer from this condition.

Lack of fibrous diet: Water and roughage are necessary for a proper bowel movement. If you don’t consume adequate fibrous foods, then you can have piles.

Diagnosing Piles

With mfine, you can book an appointment with reputed piles experts. These specialists will detect the piles indicators and carry out physical examinations. They will prescribe the necessary care and medication for a speedy recovery. In case, medications no longer offer relief, they will refer you to a general surgeon.

Other Disorders and Piles

If you don’t attain proper treatment for piles, then it will result in anal infections. Heavy bleeding, coupled with infection can lead to colon cancer. Piles will also make feces passage difficult and painful. If not checked in time, it will exert pressure on internal vessels.

Treating Piles

If you want permanent relief from piles, then you have to opt for surgery. But this becomes a necessity during advanced stages. A general surgeon will prescribe ointments and painkillers as primary treatment.

The doctors, listed on mfine, will suggest an operation only if it is necessary. Treatment for piles is easily available. Pay attention to your body and detect the early signs. Early detection with the help of piles doctors near you will pave the way for speedy recovery. A general surgeon can recognize the severity of the condition.

With mfine you need not spend sleepless nights, searching for the best piles expert in your area.

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