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Are internal cysts harmful to the human body?


Cysts like formation in the bottom region of the spine.

About 4-6% of the adult population suffer from perineural cysts.[1]

- A lab test is required.
- Proper medical assistance is to be carried out.
- Can affect both men and women in adult life.
- Is both acute and chronic.

Perineural cysts are certain types of cysts that tend to form on the extreme bottom part of the spine. Usually, they are dormant, but at a later stage in life, they tend to cause back pains and also try to rupture in the general functioning of the spinal cord. Massive impact injuries to the spinal cord can aggravate the condition to arise in the body.


- Unusual deformation there are boils like structure that occur in the back of the spinal cord when the cysts are filled with fluid.
- Pain there is both acute and chronic pain that is induced down the spinal cord.
- Numbness there is almost no sensation during the later stages of the condition and could cause permanent paralysis.


- Self-care try to relax your body. Ensure that you dont put any kind of pressure on the back. Also, maintain your spine in proper health.

- Medication try to drain out all the fluid from the cysts such that they dont form once again. Also, the application of certain ointments can prevent the condition to arise once again.

- Specialists try to seek medical attention if and when necessary. At mfine, we specialize in providing the best treatment and relieving you from the pain as soon as possible.

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