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What is Paraumbilical Hernia?


The incomplete joining of abdominal wall layers results in the formation of a bulge near the belly button due to the pushing of intestines.

A hernia occurs when an internal part of the body pushes through a weakness in the muscle or surrounding tissue wall. [1]

- Physical examination by a doctor is required for confirmation.
- Mostly affects infants and children.
- X-Ray imaging and Ultrasound might be required.
- Can be physically discomforting and painful.

The potential causes of a paraumbilical hernia are abdominal surgery, persistent and heavy cough, frequent pregnancies, multiple gestation pregnancies, and being overweight. Premature babies and babies born with low birth weight face a higher risk of developing this condition.
Ages Affected infancy and below the age of 5 years most often; above 5 years less often


Symptoms include sudden vomiting, pain, and discolored bulging on the abdomen. Getting evaluated by a doctor is advised.

People May Experience
Bulge bulging, tender, and swollen lump near the belly button
Uneasiness vomiting
Pain abdominal pain and tenderness


In infants and children, the hernia usually subsides without the requirement for treatment. In adults, doctors suggest surgery to repair a hernia to avoid further complications. The doctor issues nil-by-mouth (NBM) three hours before surgery until then one can consume clear liquids. The surgery lasts 30-60 minutes and the recovery is fast-paced.

Specialist: For a complete diagnosis, a specialist must be consulted. At mfine, a holistic approach for treatments is followed, so as to help you lead a normal and more satisfied life.

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