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Lingua Plicata: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment


A condition where multiple cracks, furrows, and grooves appear on the surface of the tongue.

Prevalent among 5% of the US population[1]

- No formal medical treatment may be needed in most cases
- Generally considered a harmless condition
- Prevalent among both men and women; Often men are affected
- Easily curable
There is no cause for concern when you have this condition. It is generally considered a variable of the normal tongue. Often a harmless condition, it can be self- diagnosed. Fissures may be as deep as six millimeters. Grooves may connect with other grooves separating the tongue into small lobes.

Ages affected - No particular age group; the prevalence increases with age.


Self - diagnosable
The condition is totally self-diagnosable. No therapy or specific medication is required. A biopsy is not indicated.

People may experience
Fissures or cracks on the surface of the tongue. The fissures may be of different sizes.


Self-care: Good oral hygiene, including brushing the tongue, is recommended to get the tongue back to normal.

Medications: There is generally no medication suggested for this condition. A dentist may encourage you to brush your tongue so that debris does not build upon it.

Specialists: If you find yourself having any symptom of lingua plicata or the fissured tongue, we at mfine will provide you with the right kind of support.

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