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How does Inguinoscrotal Lipoma occur?


Growth of lumps in the inguinoscrotal region.

Around 1% of the world’s population have Lipoma. (1)

- Diagnosable
- Specific to males
- generally reaches to a size of 2-3 centimetres

This happens due to an accumulation of fat cells in that area. They are benign i.e.
non-cancerous growth.


Diagnosis: A Physical Examination is conducted; where the lipomas are inspected by hand.
To support the diagnosis, tests like biopsy, ultrasound, MRI and CT scans are used.

Presence of soft and oval shaped lumps in the inguinoscrotal region

may be painful in nature

Size would be from 2-3 centimeters generally unless it is a large lipoma.
Large lipomas have a size of around 10 centimeters.



Medicines: Steroid injections are used to shrink the size of the mass cells. They are non-invasive in nature. Natural ointments are also used. The ingredients involve the presence of antioxidants. Neem, Tulsi, flaxseed oils, tea are some common ingredients.

Liposuction: Larger lipomas in the inguinoscrotal region are cut into. A hollow tube is inserted through the incision, and then the fat cells are sucked out.

Other methods: A small incision is made on the skin, and the lipoma is squeezed out.
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