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What is a Heart-Lung Transplant?

What is a Heart-Lung Transplant?

It is the only comprehensive treatment for individuals who have both critical heart failure and severe lung failure. As it requires the transplant of both the damaged heart and lung, it is a rare procedure due to the lack of plausible donors.

When is a Heart-Lung Transplant recommended?
A cardiac surgeon can perform the heart-lung transplant required for end-case treatment options. People with heart-lung failure can experience extreme fatigue, nausea, reduction in urination, edema (swelling of legs and arms), weight gain, shortness of breath, persistent pneumonia, excessive production of sputum, a bluish discoloration of the lips and of the skin.

Preparing for a Heart-Lung Transplant

The method of a heart-lung transplant involves evaluation, registration, and wait-listing for the transplant and the established matching of donor organ with the receiver. The procedure for the heart-lung transplant is based on three surgeries; harvesting the heart-lung from the donor, removing the diseased heart-lung from the patient and, replacing the damaged heart and lung from the healthy heart and lung.

Understanding the results of a Heart-Lung Transplant

Post surgery care and close monitoring are required to maintain healthy functions. The medical professional might administer inhalers, steroids or oxygen suppliers in cases of severe lung disease. Lab Tests Online is an authentic medical professional organization founded for the sole purpose of providing objective and professional content for clinical laboratory science and its application to healthcare.

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