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Gluteal Abscess: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Inflammation and collection of puss near intramuscular soft tissue of the gluteal region.

1% of the population in the US are affected with gluteal abscess every year. [1]

● Needs to be medically diagnosed
● May require medical tests and lab examinations
● Could be caused due to bacterial infection
● Requires medical procedure to be cured

A condition where puss gathers and causes inflammation in the intramuscular soft tissue in the gluteal region. Often caused due to bacterial infection or strains in the area. Drug injections to treat other intramuscular infections may also cause the condition.

Ages affected: No incidence of research to establish vulnerability in a particular age group.


Any signs of warmness, pain, and tenderness in the area of gluteal region should be reported to doctor immediately.

People may experience:
Pain – severe pain near intramuscular soft tissue in the gluteal region
Swelling – inflammation and swelling in the region
Warmth – warmness in the gluteal area
Tenderness – tenderness and erythema in the area


Self-care: Appropriate care and hygiene should be maintained near the abscess area. Wound care should be given.

Medications: Doctors may recommend antibiotics to reduce the inflammation. Medicines may be given to restrict the infection spreading to adjacent tissue.

Specialists: Any severe swelling, inflammation, and pain near the gluteal region should be reported to the doctor immediately. We, at mfine, are here to support you and help you with a holistic and complete health program.

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