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All you need to know about Hemorrhoids


A sensation of discomfort and pain due to swelling of veins around the anus region.

Half of the world’s 50-year-old population suffers from hemorrhoids. [1]

- Risk increases during pregnancy
- Self-diagnosable
- Not Self Treatable
- Long-term duration

In the fourth degree, the internal hemorrhoids come out of the anus and hang outside the body. They are prone to bleeding and are painful.


Diagnosis – A physical examination is conducted, where manual inspection of the area takes place.

Painless bleeding

Leaky faeces

Swelling in the anal region

Hemorrhoid strangulation


Self-care: Ice can be applied to the affected area for relief. Moist towelettes are used to relax the pain while defecation. Similarly, “Sitz Bath” is also used to alleviate the problem.

Medicines: Ointments containing hydrocortisone should be used as they relieve the symptoms. Analgesics are recommended.


Non-surgical methods:
Rubber band ligation: A small elastic band is placed around the base of a hemorrhoid. The band retracts, thereby pulling the hemorrhoid inside while the surrounding tissue gets healed simultaneously.
Surgical Methods:
Hemorrhoidectomy: The inflamed blood vessels are removed by making a narrow incision.
Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy: The hemorrhoids are anchored back to their normal position.
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